Monday, August 25, 2008

Glorius College

Great News!!! I have started college. That's right in case I already was feeling old tired and worn out there is absolutely nothing compared with watching 18-20 year olds saunter around with their firm skin and taunt bellies. Damn them! In fact never mind the damn them part, they don't really appreciate it anyways. They will discover one day after children that things NEVER go back! At least I can mentally feel superior, cause oh my god, you have got to be kidding me! I have never been more disappointed at the American school system in my life, I have heard in the past 2 weeks the most ignorant statements ever. One awesome girl referred to another as "white" the girl was in fact Spanish ( as in from Spain), the girl explains that she is from Spain and the first girls says " oh so your Mexican". Dear Lord kill me know. I am curious what happened in between elementary school and now for these poor kids, because as far as I can tell the only thing they learned was driving and texting. Speaking of texting PUT DOWN THE DAMN PHONE IN CLASS. Not an extremely hard or difficult concept ( apparently that is where I am wrong) class costs money, class = job, job=money which pays for class, all you have to do is pay attention. I want to kick some of these kids out of class myself. I love to hear "I forgot my Homework" never a good excuse, you didn't forget 3 pounds of makeup or to spend 30 minutes flat ironing you hair or your cell phone for that matter, so of course the teacher understands that you forgot your homework. The other thing that I love is to base a persons character solely on how easy they make life for you as in " I don't like our teacher she seems mean she gave us sooooo much homework". Because meanness is the actual technical reason that you have homework, not that there are certain things that must be accomplished in the course or concepts that must be taught and reinforced, no it simply meanness a teachers desire to watch her students suffer. I think that all parents should send their children out for a minimum of 6 months manual labor ( with minimum wage) and they should be forced to provide their own housing at that time,after the 6 month point we should then allow them to enter our colleges with a promise that if they don't graduate within 6 months of the appointed time they will return to the manual labor. Part of the money that colleges receive from the government should be a grant to provide the phone thingy that they have at the hospital that makes your phone not work. I guess I just find it irritating for someone to be so flippant with something I thought I had lost the chance to do.

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