Tuesday, August 5, 2008

NEw Member of The TEAM!!!! Continued

Oh the glorious wonder that is NG. I think I am going to require some kind of strong psychiatric drugs. NG is here perky and in your face. I hate how people think that using your name many many many times strengthens your bond and makes you closer, it does not! It is highly irritating, equivalent to having someone repeat everything you say. NG is so pleased to have learned every ones name that apparently he felt no need to learn anything else. We had built a little cubicle around NG, I thought it was for containment purposes, I guess not. NG sits in his little cubicle and talks incessantly. He feels that it is less lonely if he tells everyone what he is going to do before he does it and the reports with the outcome as soon as he has accomplish what ever little "mission" he was on. I continually use the word little because he is about the size of a full grown 11 year old. NG is determined to have an audience, and it doesn't satisfy him to know that I am stuck in the office and unable to escape the sound of his voice, no he needs to ensure that I know he is about to tell me something. Sounds Like this (NG) "Naomi, Naomi" ( me ) "yessss?" ( NG) " I have been calling this lady, every day for three days every 15 minutes, she told me to stop calling or She will call the police. But you know me ( no I really don't and don't care too) I just keep calling her cause I am going to sell her a car or make her swallow a shotgun. I am not deterred by a little thing like the police I am going to call until the police show up cause you know me I am determined". Then NG feels the need to bring the lord into all this ( NG) " Praise Jesus and Give him the Glory" ( okay I can deal with that) ( NG) " Thank you God for giving me the strength and perseverance to continually call this woman, Thank you lord for helping me to be strong even in the face of adversity". I am not criticizing I am just saying that I do not believe that this was what the Lord meant by what is in the bible. I am now considering calling the police on him myself. ( NG) " Naomi, Naomi" ( me) " YESSSSS?" ( NG) " You know I was thinking I haven't called that Lady in 5 whole minutes cause I was sitting here thanking the Lord I think I will call her". I am now highly considering swallowing a shotgun myself, the idea seems pleasantly tempting ( sarcasm). I am irritated I have work to do, I have phone calls I have to make but NG will never shut up. I think when I come in tomorrow I am going to move NG's cubicle to the parking lot.