Monday, July 28, 2008

NEw Member of The TEAM!!!!

Sooo00......... Today being Monday you have to know that something awesome was going to happen today. Well I work full time, And we have Hired a "New Guy" and he is a part timer. Now first and foremost you have to remember I am already in violation of the golden rule here, not owning a "wienie" and everything. So the "head honcho" walks in and announces that then NG ( new Guy) will be requiring 1st MY desk, and 2nd a partition ( so that He is not disturbed). Whatever!!! So immediately following this announcement NG walks in, first of all he is 4 foot 11' not a midget but pretty damn close so picking on him is a go!!!! Secondly he is one of those people that is so perky you want to slam his head into a wall, picture a tiny cheerleader on caffeine and crack, good, now you have the idea. NG says "which desk is mine", I say that you will end up having my desk as soon as I move my folders and papers AND computer. So I began the fun process of moving my full time stuff so that the part time guy can have my desk. NG states "I need to get in there" and begins tossing MY stuff onto my new desk, remember he has now been in my office 3 entire minutes. Then he sits down at my computer ( the one I said I was taking with me) ( which is also turned off) and clicking the mouse as fast as his tiny little hamster hands could go. THE COMPUTER IS OFF!!!! Still clicking NG looks at me and states "Naomi!!! My computer is not working, I need you to fix it". What part of not even slightly close to my job are you not getting tiny little man! I then proceed to unplug and remove said computer leaving NG only the monitor, ( he is still clicking the damn mouse). I set My stuff up and our computer savvy guy gets him a computer( fabulous). Think I can ignore NG while grinding my teeth I get Back to work. NG feels that it is important to learn every ones name right off the bat, ( we are just like old friends Huh?). So in His happiest Voice he Says "Naomi, Naomi", ( I look Up) " I need speakers", (oKaaaay Great!). I go back to work, cannot understand why NG feels the need to give me this erroneous information. "Naomi, Naomi" (again, you have got to be kidding me), "I need a chair". At this point the horrifying reality hits me, OH MY GOD!!!!, this flaming idiot thinks that I am his secretary!!!!!!! He proceeds to spend the rest of the Day announcing his needs to everyone. We ignored him. I cannot wait for the partition. Wish me luck for tom morrow.

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Anonymous said...

go to the pet store and buy the guy a hamster wheel for his desk.anonymously leave it there for him.