Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Am i Pregnant?

What a beautiful Question! To be asked by people who look at you with eager eyes and automatically rub your belly. No not pregnant a little chubby though, but thanks for noticing. It is going to make me feel better when i get home today and stand in front of the mirror practising different ways to suck in my stomach, and not faint at the same time.
Look! All that I am saying is that I dont pet your fat rolls, how about keeping your hands off mine. Were there to actually be a baby in there, I would only feel slightly less comfortable about you touching me. Thank God this is the only question that people actually touch you for. Could you imagine someone grabbing your boobs to see if you had them "done", or for the men how uncomfortable for someone to grab your "manbags" to see if you've been fixed? Please stay safely within your own personal circle and stop touching people. OK? thanks!

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