Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Damn Vagina!

Okay so there is alot to be said for being valued at your job. I failed to realize how much until recently. I am fed up with the way that people treat other people when they feel that whatever they do is more important. Like the guy that treats his receptionist like crap, well news flash, she is the first person that everyone of your customers see, if you ruin her day then that could effect how your customers perceive you and your company forever. First impressions are usually lasting impressions and it is alot easier to prevent a bad impression then to try and correct one. Why is it that people feel they are so superior to everyone else. There is a lot of positions that other people do not want to work but why disregard the person in those positions without them guess who would be forced to do their "unpleasant jobs". I am tired of the "you can do all the work" "but you cant be part of any decisions because you are only a _________". Well guess what I understand that their are managers and team members, but if the only thing that the managers are concerned with is making sure that the employees come to work on time and don't touch the projects then how is the manager not the team members qualified to speak about the project? You know what else is fun to be an office girl, do the work keep you head down, be seen and not heard, mainly because of the job title but secondly because I have a ............VAGINA!!!!! Now I understand that this "vagina" can be a very limiting thing in the business world, but i also know women who have managed to procure years of rent and all the other necessities of life using theirs. Now I know that you guys are automatically thinking Prostitution, nay nay, what I am talking about is women who got married or not, the man kept them cause the sex was good and often and they may or may not live with this man. These are not the type of women that are handed a wad of cash as the man saunters out the door, but rather get their bills paid. Now here is an untapped resource, Vagina! However in my world of an all male business, decisions are made by MEN, that's right the ones when surveyed said that 68% would suck their own wienies if they could! The ones who would put their "wienies" into any hole that looked about the right size, that said stupid things like "you are being a jerk are you on your period", and do not even have the mental and physical strength to lift their head so that they are looking at your face and not your boobs. Yes these genius's have decided that my vagina should render me incapable of making any type of good business decision, Had they been better businessmen they would have realized that Women Between the ages of 27 and 50 have more buying power than men, and maybe market towards what women want. "clearly this statistic was created by a women trying to get their way"! No instead they look at me every time I open my mouth like I have just spoken in Chinese! GRRRRRR! This is great! Now I can follow without question the type of people that think Shaking your parts at a women is foreplay, the people who will pick their nose while at a stoplight and then wave to a hot girl, the ones who have to sleep while holding their genitals "in case". I get up in the morning get 3 people up, dressed, showered, and fed, I work a 8 hour shift where I respond to every Internet inquiry for 300 customers in 2 stores with 6 product lines, I have 8 different lead management tools that I use everyday,I am the only contact that the customer has until they come into the dealership, I clean my house, cook dinner, amuse a 3 year old, and then clean up after dinner, and put everyone to bed. I can run 4 peoples live but am not equipped (with a penis) to speak confidently on what i do every day? I don't understand?

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