Thursday, July 24, 2008


Okay soooo..... today i get an email forward. You can tell this is going to be great already, I know. The email states that this is a prayer that who ever receives the email will be blessed, the catch being if you don't everyone will know that you hate god, are not a "real christian" and blah blah blah. When did we as a people start forwarding emails in lue of actual prayer, understandably it is much more convenient, but come on.
Plus how does it help you or me if i am using someone Else's prayer? And how do we know this is actually a genuine meant from the heart prayer? This is a highly developed plot to involve busy people in extreme moral dilemmas, "do I put aside my work to forward this", " are all the friends that sent this to me going to think I am a bad Christian". GRRRRRR! Stupid email forwards. be sides God know how my prayers really sound and he would be able to tell that it was not me. Mine sound Like this........"Dear god please help me to hold my tongue so I don't get fired today"....( did I lock the door on the house or just pull it closed).... "and help my xwz ( family member) with her xyz(illness)".... ( I don't think I was even the last one out the door, it was the husband)......."and god please help us with the finances so that we can buy a house"......( I don't think hubby locked the door, in fact he never locks the door)......"God please keep our house safe from thieves and robbers and assist my husband in his mental capacity to remember to lock the door amen"